Moderna COVID19 vaccine

Yesterday (Feb 3, 2021) I received the first dose of the Moderna COVID19 vaccine.

I didn’t have any kind of immediate reaction (other than psychological relief!).

It’s 2 AM on Feb 4, 2021 and my arm is a bit sore – nothing unusual there. I do have a few body aches as well.

I’m going to avoid taking any Tylenol as I want to make sure I’m not masking any side effects whatsoever.

Second dose scheduled for March 3, 2021.

Stay tuned.

Christmas 2020 and beyond

The pain has been horrific. Upper chest/shoulder/neck. When I breathe deeply or lay down to sleep.

Went to urgent care yesterday and another COVID19 test (results in 2-4 days!) and chest x-ray (negative) later and I still have no definitive diagnosis. Update – Dec 26 2020 – COVID19 test negative! That’s five COVID tests I’ve had since the pandemic started – all negative.

But as I was reflecting back on my December 16, 2020 visit with the cardiologist who mentioned pericarditis; I started doing some research.

And that’s what I am pretty darn sure I have.

Echocardiogram is next Wednesday which will hopefully tell me if my heart is damaged. If yes, then we do a CT of my heart to figure out exactly how damaged and what next steps are.

In the meantime, holy shit it is painful.

UPDATE January 6, 2021

I had a week of no pain whatsoever – it was wonderful.

Yesterday (January 4, 2021), the pain started again and it continues today (January 5, 2021). It is worse when laying down, same as before.

Unfortunately the nurse at the Pulse Heart clinic in Auburn wouldn’t tell me the results of the echo I had done on December 30, 2020; she said if there was anything concerning, they would have called me so that should give me some peace of mind.


I want to know the results and I guess I have to wait until January 18th. So very disappointed in the lack of patient care.