As I prepare myself for tomorrow – I am struck by the feud unfolding amongst a few of Matt's friends. The idea of one's “shadow” or “dark side” has come up and I find myself confronting my own. My “shadow” … Continue reading


First thing Monday – when approximately 50 people get to work – they will be told the programs they support are being sold. I work with these people every day – they are GOOD people. My heart aches with knowing … Continue reading


Monday – the first day back at the office after learning about the sale of my programs to Molina. Me with the “internal consultant” handling things – confirmed that I'm going to be in charge of the “termination workplan”. Geeze……… … Continue reading


Found out last Thursday (2/18/04) that the company I work for is selling the two programs I manage – that means I have to find a new job. Options at this point appear to be: 1. Get another job in … Continue reading