This is so important for anyone who is truly searching for an authentic, underconditional loving relationship. Relationships “Whether you are conscious of it or not, you enter into love affairs because you are seeking God” Do you ever wonder why … Continue reading

April 1st

Today is April 1st. Some people engage in a little joking on April 1 – that’s never been my style so won’t try and change now. MySpace is a weird place……. seems like such a terrific opportunity to stay connected … Continue reading


Tough day today. I knew it would be so am not complaining. It’s amazing how the loving, supportive and loyal friends have rallied around now. I feel so blessed.


It is a very sad day. Much to my dismay, I was forced to publish Shawnna’s Serpo Truth. I had decided yesterday NOT to publish it as planned. However, once my name was linked to it by those at the … Continue reading


Why a blog? Why “Reality Covered”? Good questions! For as long as I can remember, people much wiser than I have suggested journaling as a way to sort through the curve balls Life delivers. I was never very good about … Continue reading