Weekly Kabbalah tune up resonates today

It is always amazing when my Weekly Kabbalah Tune Up seems to have been written specifically for what I’m feeling.

A s a human being, chances are you’ve suffered your share. Perhaps you have emotional scars from past hurts, or feel that you’re missing something in life, or think that you’ve been wronged.

Despite the past traumas, we all have moments where we forget the pain and feel:




This week is all about these positive feelings. And this week, I charge you to inspire these feelings in others. In days of old, that’s what visiting the local kabbalist was all about. People sought solutions, peace, and guidance.

After they spoke about their problems, they often found that the problems disappeared. Or at least had shrunken significantly. Bottom line is, the emptiness went away.

You may have experienced the same thing in talking to your teacher, or a good friend. You may also have been the one helping others focus on the Light –for a minute, or an hour — when they came to you with problems and you listened.

The catch is none of us can lift the curtain of darkness alone. When we’re alone, it’s all we see. We need a second set of eyes to show us the Light. Tomorrow I might be the person helping someone remove the curtain, but yesterday I needed help lifting my own.

Once we glimpse the Light for a moment, it’s easier to see beyond the darkness thereafter. There are endless opportunities to grasp this hope.

This week, ask for the universe to send you people who need Light. Help someone else lift the curtain. And be open to have someone help you with yours.

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