Soul Mate – page 2

So many confuse sexual attraction, or emotional infatuation with falling in Love. I've done this too. It can be difficult when hormones are raging.

I've known many who use sexual attraction as a means to an end – mainly women fall into this category. “I can snare him into falling in love with me if I'm sexually assertive and fulfill all his wildest desires.” Or something to that affect.

For quite a few men, sex is the end itself. And I don't say this to bash men – it's just an observation.

In thinking about real Love and what it means to be a Soul Mate, there's always going to be the initial feeling of 'falling in love' but ultimately, the authentic relationship is so much more.

There's an extraordinary emotional and deeply spiritual connection that can not be created or imitated. It is as if the other's happiness is more important than your own. There's an authentic need to give – without expecting anything in return. And when your Soul Mate is growing to their utmost – it is as if you are too! It's very hard to describe.

A Soul Mate will inspire you…….. will always leave you feeling like an extraordinary human being……..

Can there be more than one? Of course!

To have that experience in this life where I can truly say that he was my Soul Mate – that is my desire. And I won't settle for anything less – ever again.

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