The Ego

A few men, a very few men in history, have learned to listen to the Greater Voice consistently, very few. Not because it is so impossible. It is not. It is really very simple. But because it requires a great choice and the ego dies hard.

There is only One Law, and only One Rule. The new birth is when you discover that there are two selves. A smaller self and a greater self, or a lower self and a higher self.

The lower self can be very, very spiritual in the eyes of the world, very very righteous, very very self-righteous. It can follow all of the rules. It knows how to sit just exactly right in meditation. Perfect posture. Very impressive. The lower self knows all of the rules, has them memorized very often. But it is selfish.

It can put the body through all sorts of things that appear to be kundalini experience and God knows what. It can use visions and colors and lights and sounds and all sorts of impressive things.

The Higher Self is not a separate self. There is only one Higher Self. Only one ever existed. Only one Son ever was born. It is the only begotten of the Father. The only child He ever had. The expression of God born of Him who is all that He is, and every once in a while somebody discovers, “I don't want to be me. I want to be all that He is.” And it is not precious for me to have you believe what I do or do things my way, to be like me or to believe like me. It is only precious that I find whatever it is that is common in you and me, what it is that we share, and if the Light is within me, that is what I will seek out in you. For Light seeks light.

And if I find Light in you, once I have found it, I will magnify it, and you and I will become great Lights. But if I find the Light and I say, “Yes, but…here is some darkness.” Then my attention is focused on your darkness, and may overcome your Light and mine.

If I seek Light in myself, I will seek Light in others and darkness will simply be overcome by exaggerating that Light until it is brighter and brighter. The darkness disappears. There is a new birth experience. The new birth experience is the moment that I discover the impersonal life or the Greater Self, and find out this very personal self, this very selfish self that is me, however religious, however spiritual, this separatist me that insists on having my own way, is the Lesser.

And there is a Greater (self). There is a self that cares more about the life of this universe and the lifting of all consciousness to God than it cares about me personally, and because it cares more about the Greater than the Lesser. Then the lesser me, the selfish me might have to take quite a beating for the purpose of the Greater Self.

The two selves are very often diametrically opposed to one another. What I would want for the selfish self may not be for the greatest purpose at all, for the greatest cause.

How can I recognize the Highest?

If my fondest wish is to become a great healer, a great channel, a great teacher, even a great parent. Would I give that up if required by the highest voice? If anything, if any other goal, if any goal at all is more important, if there is anything that I would not give up, that is the place to start because it will for sure be required. The most precious thing that I have must take second place to the guidance of that which is highest within me, not because God wants anything that we have or even needs it, but because we can't listen to two voices at once, and if what is our fondest desire is what we are listening to, then we are being distracted from highest purpose.

If all of your hopes for developing spiritually are based in following the rules, if you know exactly what to do and how to do it and what rules to follow, be absolutely sure that you are going to find an exception to your rules because the rules will not get you there. No matter what they are, no matter who gave them, the rules do not work because they are a limitation.

The one thing that does (work) is a change, a change within yourself. It is not what you do, but what you are that is the new birth. Not what you do, but what you become, and what you become is God.

And all of the rules that you follow (will be) because you are one with God, not to become one with God. And then the rules you follow (will be) because you want to follow the rules, not because the spiritual community puts on pressure if you don't eat right or dress right or go to the right places or do the right things. The change has to come within, and it is what you are, not what you do.

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