The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Because knowledge is power, and not all individuals can handle power responsibly, there is good reason why much technology remains hidden from the public. The general rationale is that were certain technologies to fall into the wrong hands, there would be devastating results. For example, teleportation technology used by criminals would render bank safes obsolete.

On the other hand, it is through suppression of technology that the manipulators of this world maintain their overwhelming control. One avenue of control and funding for the elite, the oil industry, would crumble if free energy technology replaced petroleum technology, and if the transition were smooth, we would be liberated from dependence upon finite energy resources. The extra time, capital, and energy gained could then be applied toward progress instead of survival.

So regarding the suppression of knowledge, it is a question of which poses a greater threat: the irresponsible use of knowledge by the ignorant, or the hoarding and consequent abuse of knowledge by the elite? The first justifies keeping certain knowledge secret, the second justifies its release to disempower the manipulators.

At the highest levels of truth, there is no difference between technology, occultism, and metaphysics – for all are part of a whole and the grand truth in one thus contains the grand truth in the other. Rules and structure still exist outside physicality, and these can be included in science with provisions made for freewill choice. A complete science would place astral planes, parallel dimensions, synchronicities, consciousness, etheric fields, telepathy, vital energies, emotional energies, volition, hyperdimensional existence and timeloops all under the same framework. At present, these appear to be phenomena distinct from science, but that is because science as we know it is incomplete. It is not that these phenomena can be explained in terms of present science as reductionists and debunkers enjoy doing, but rather that present science must expand to accomodate these phenomena in terms of higher physical and metaphysical principles.

To know nature is to know one portion of the Creator. To know yourself is to know another portion of the Creator. Because what is within mirrors what is outside, and what is outside mirrors what is within, knowing both nature and yourself makes for a straight path toward knowing the Creator.

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