Vulnerability and those who help us identify our Shadow

Today’s Kabbalah Tune Up is another amazing reminder. I’m so deeply blessed to have beautiful and faithful friends who constantly remind me when my Shadow is dominating. You know who you are!

If we’re not moving forward, we’re actually moving backward.

If we can’t look back on who we were six months ago, or three years ago, and feel we are a different person, something is wrong. We’re not transforming. We can either evolve or be imprisoned.

Some of feel like we are living out a jail sentence with our jobs, families, relationships, even our bodies. Maybe we could have prevented the imprisonment a long time ago. Maybe change was too uncomfortable for us, or we felt it was too much work to break out, and we just gave up.

But I want to remind you that we all have powerful resources at our disposal: friend, family, and other people.

Together we can set ourselves free. It is not a job that cannot be done alone.

I know it’s not easy to open up and be vulnerable to others, but if we don’t, we’ll remain imprisoned. If we are honest with ourselves (and that’s another requirement to breaking free), we’ll realize that removing the negativity, ego, and selfishness that block our soul from shining is too heavy to pursue alone. We need someone else to help us identify our shadows, and to help us make an escape route from our personal prison.

Nobody likes exposing their naked face. We only want people to see our attractive masks. But if we’re intent on gaining freedom, keeping up appearances is like volunteering for solitary confinement.

The only way to get out of jail is for us to ask someone else to unlock the cell door.

This week, I challenge you to break free. Find someone to open up to – and better yet, maybe you know someone who needs to do the same. It’s necessary to identify our patterns, and usually they are so ingrained, we can’t do it alone. It’s only by reaching through the bars of our cell, and grasping a hand on the outside that we can be free.

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