First camping trip mishap

This weekend was my very first camping trip with my new-to-me 2005 Arctic Fox trailer and Berti (my Range Rover).

I hooked up the trailer using my trailer hitch receiver lock – similar to this:

I drove the trailer home and loaded up.  Then we left.  I had to stop by and have someone show me how to hook up the anti-sway bar and then we took off.

North on I5 – just south of Seattle – the hitch came off and I was dragging it and the trailer by the safety chains at 50 mph.

Luckily we were in the right hand lane and I could get over quickly.

Fortunately I carry a car floor jack and I had a spare non-locking trailer hitch receiver connector.


Thank God for safety chains and a wonderful Guardian Angel!

Thought everything was OK so we hooked it all back up and went ahead with the camping adventure – had a wonderful time.  Here’s a pic of our campsite.

I was able to reconnect the car to leave yesterday morning…..  barely.

It appears I had actually damaged the tongue cranking jack as it won’t go up or down now.  I was able to get the foot off and it was high enough so we could drive home.  It’s still connected in my driveway.

I was going to have an electronic tongue jack installed next weekend anyway so I’m just going to drive it to the place tomorrow morning before work and ask them to check it out thoroughly and put the new electronic jack on for me.

I sure feel lucky – all things considered.

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