It is a very sad day. Much to my dismay, I was forced to publish Shawnna’s Serpo Truth.

I had decided yesterday NOT to publish it as planned. However, once my name was linked to it by those at the Open Minds forum, I had no choice.

I’m finding that this seems to be par for the course in this area. Lots of lessons learned this past year – hard lessons for sure – but definitely learned.


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  1. With respect to your explanation of how you found my research forum – I understand completely.

    You see, it is actually my own fault. Unfortunately I used my email when sending an inquiry to Google and well…. the rest is history.

    I do appreciate your apology for throwing a ‘monkey wrench’ into the loop but I have never subscribed to the idea of coincidence so for whatever reason, this is unfolding exactly as it is suppose to.

    And I’ll have to address your specific questions later today – I have to take care of some family matters.

    I will answer them all – to the very best of my ability. I do believe I have some insight that may prove helpful.

    I do appreciate your thoughtful comment, as well as thoughtful questions.

  2. Shawnna,

    First of all, I commend you for your commitment to truth. I’m truly sorry that our actions at OM forced you to do your Tacitus report ahead of schedule and the fact that the location of your secret research forum was divulged in the process. Our source of the info is no one of any importance. They are a member of OM and they have requested anonymity. I will tell you how he/she claimed to have found this information. They reportedly typed realitycovered into google and it started from there. We have had a thread with the same title and this member thought we were creating the site and then found the connections to He PM’d us with everything he had found and requested anonymity if we published it.

    In hind sight, I wish we would have sat on the information and I recommended this to the other GM’s but the consensus was to publish it ASAP. I suppose contacting you by email first wouldn’t have been a bad idea but now it is all said and done. Anyhow, apologies for throwing a monkey wrench into the loop.

    I have a few questions so I will just submit them here and hope you will answer them. Before we get to that, let me tell you that Springer has locked me out of ATS like he did you. I’m not banned but I can no longer access my account. I suspect Springer changed my password and email address. He became pissed at me for because I was suggesting that ATS was stringing along a phony photo of the O’Hare sighting to increase membership and get publicity. JFritzman found the original photo on the Internet that was used to make the hoax photo, then back pedaled and said it could be real. I completely disagreed and after a few emails on a short list, Springer locked me out… hoo! I’m still upset lol.

    That leads into my first question. First, if you refuse to answer any of these questions, I will understand.

    The rumors abound that ATS is government controlled,cointelpro,CIA, etc… question is to what extent did Springer involve himself? Did he form the group that made the serpo thread summary or did you guys form it on your own? Did he push for Serpo to be debunked? How much was he pulling the strings at RU?

    Zep and Ry
    Where Zep and Ry working for Springer or ATS in general. Or any kind of government agency? Did Springer urge them along? Are they truly acting independently as self appointed Ufology hoax police. Whatever insight you can provide here will be helpful.

    Kit Green
    I get a feeling that Kit is playing both sides of the field. How involved was he in directing Ry and Zep’s research and investigation?

    Anything else you can provide would be appreciated.

    That’s about it for now. I hope you can answer these questions. You are welcome to come back to OM for questions. Consider this an invitation. If you are interested, we will make a special thread for questions for Shawnna.

    P.S. One last question….Do you know anything about Scarz? He has dropped off the scope. He hasn’t logged into OM since January. And he no longer posts at RU. We are a little worried about him.

    Best Regards,
    John Hicks

  3. Sorry you had to publish today. I hadn’t realised that the March release had been postponed but things have a way of setting themselves right in the end:)
    It’ll get better with time ((hugz))

    To whoever may be remotely interested. I and a few others talked Shawnna out of releasing everything months ago, as I felt it would be better for her to have some time to heal first. I still believe that was the right choice and I’m confident that all the negative emotions directed at Shawnna are having much less impact than they would have if she had released them at the time of her leaving RU. I’m rambling out my view of what I saw happening over the last year at Anyone is welcome, I’ll try and avoid anymore tit for tat outbursts apart from what has already been said. Once the emotion has subsided then the release of these articles, what they contain and how they were obtained will be pertinent to understanding WTF is going on. I’m curious about centrist, just who is he really, what, if any, are his links to the GOF and does anyone know how to get RU back from the darkside as I’m sure (hopefully) somewhere deep down they mean well.

    What a complete mess but then it’s a standard for the UFERs. I wish that people were honest, had standards and really meant what they say. Why is it so wrong to hold on to my naive hopes. Oh well, luv ya Shawnna and it’ll be right:)

    My ramblings are here: