Alone in my RV – but never ‘lonely’

I woke up this morning – Day Five – of my first solo RV trip to realize that I am truly alone; there’s something about staying in an RV campground to make one realize that being single – solo RV’ing – is an oddity. So I decided to see if I’m so unique.

Nope – I’m definitely an oddity but not unique; at least not unique when it comes to being a single woman and taking off with a 30′ travel trailer in tow. I did a little Google search – (‘Google is my friend’) – and found Trailer Park Nirvana, a woman who sounds as nutsy as I am. It proved to be fascinating reading and I’m even more inspired to keep this up!

I’d still love to find someone special – I’m not dead after all – but in the meantime I’m going to live my life doing what I love!

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