While painting the outside of my house – I fell off the ladder, landing with the help of gravity on a shovel laying on the ground. Thought I was going to pass out from pain. Matt wasn't home and Ryan was in his room with the door closed so no one knew I fell.

Fortunately I didn't brake anything or sustain any permanent damage BUT I can't believe how black and blue my backside and left leg are! AND it hurt more on the 2nd day following the fall than it did right after!

I took a day off work but there's so much going on right now that I couldn't take off any more.

Now when I wake up in the morning, my whole body is sore and stiff (even more so than usual!).

I know this too shall pass.

Let's see what the lessons learned in this are:

1. Open my heart to Love so that I can find someone worth settling down with. Then I won't have to try and keep up with everything on my own. Long, long story could be told about this one but that's all I'll say for now.


2. Sell the house – move into a downtown condo where I won't have so much to do to keep things up. This isn't really an option as this house has become our HOME. Our family pets are buried here and we all love our home. Maybe I'll buy a condo and move into it and let the guys rent this house from me? :0

3. Put tools away so if you fall, you won't land on them.

4. It isn't safe to work on a high ladder outside without someone else.

Anyone else have other “lessons learned” they can see in this?

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