Bain vs "MERS" (Mortgage Electronic Registration Service) – Important Washington Supreme Court Case

A very important case for all Washington State property owners is now before the Washington State Supreme Court.

Anyone in Washington state with MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Service) on their land records must pay attention to this. My understanding is it will be heard March 15, 2012.

Here are the documents related to this case that I have on hand.

Bain vs MERS – opening brief, Case No. 86206-I

The following MERS response brief is a huge file (155.4 MB) and will take a while to pull up – please be patient.

862061 MERS response brief

862061 Bain’s reply to response

862061 response brief of Regional Trustee Services Corp

Bain v MERS – OUR WA Amicus Brief

The following two documents are the Washington State Attorney General filings:



The following document is the Amicus Brief of the National Consumer Law Center


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