My beautiful sister!

EDIT 10/20/07 – Her new business is now live. The Cure for Clutter

Check it out!

My sister is starting a new business and recently sent me these pictures – isn’t she beautiful? twohearts.gif



I’ll post more about her business as it gets going so stay tuned.


My beautiful sister! — 6 Comments

  1. On constant rotation on my CD player recently is Pink’s I’m not Dead Yet CD. Yeah, I know that sounds pop and not all that interesting, but she’s a woman that kicks ass and has formed opinions. Listen to track 5…”Dear Mr President.” Totally calls that f*&^r out and I love it! And if you give the CD a chance check out “I’ve got money now” … the whole CD has merit. Give it a listen….

  2. My sister Shawnna is too much! Yeah, these are two very completely retouched photographs and the retouch artists are complete genius.

    I look ten years younger than I am….like I got a sweet hug from Jesus… : ) Anyway, thanks for taking pride and posting them. I feel special : )

  3. Hmmmmm, well if she is beautiful you are gorgeous, and that isn’t the right adjective for you. Hmmmm, I see her attractive, and you beautiful. Seriously, I am so delighted to see her going into a new business!