Preparing for my son's surgery

Ryan is finally scheduled to have his right shoulder fixed – October 16, 2007 is THE day. He’s dislocated it four times since April and each time he’s not been doing anything out of the ordinary.

It appears Ryan inherited my flexibility as I had the same problem in the late 1990’s. For me, the problem went on for two years, primarily because I figured out how to pop it back in myself.

Each time Ryan dislocates his shoulder, it is a trip to the ER and they have to put him under what they call conscious sedation in order to put it back in.

Frederick A. Matsen III, MD will be his surgeon. Dr. Matsen is also the surgeon who fixed my shoulder so I’m very confident Ryan’s in the best hands possible. Dr. Matsen will be doing a Bankart repair, which is the exact same procedure I had.

I will be staying in the hospital with him and then working from home for a few days while he recovers.

While we believe Ryan’s epilepsy is now under control, the doctor said he can permanently damage his shoulder if he has a seizure while they are working on it.

Light a candle and gather ’round guardian angels!



Preparing for my son's surgery — 2 Comments

  1. AMEN, indeed!

    Now off to check your blog before jumping into bed.

    Big day tomorrow – the wondrous angels and I will be harnessing all prayers – especially yours – to surround Ryan in exquisite Love!

  2. Ah, on this Feast of St Teresa I think those wondrous angels called me here. So tomorrow and the next days I shall indeed be very close in prayer. I know both these histories; and will be there in spirit. Getting away from work while the dust settles, all around, is good timing also. Ah, yes. All in God works for Good. AMEN.
    I posted a new blog, and will have another probably by the end of the week. Much Love to You Both, 🙂