Hospitals and why you need an advocate

My son finally got a bed today – at about 1:30 PM.

Because this “system” is so compartmentalized (surgeon hand off to ass’t surgeon who hand off to OR nurses who hand off to recovery room nurses etc), the absolute ONLY way to make sure your needs are met is to ADVOCATE for them. Now, if you’re drugged up with pain medication, how do you do that? It is not possible. Therefore, everyone needs to have an ADVOCATE with them when they go to the hospital.

Ryan is a healthy 21 year old male and that’s all “they” see. What they failed to factor into the decision to deny him a room after surgery is that he has Epilepsy and lack of sleep is a trigger for seizures. They did not factor his inability to sleep into the equation when prioritizing individuals for beds. So naturally if you have six patients waiting for a bed and five out of the six are 70+ year olds, of course your “21 year old male” will take a back seat.

ugh…… for all the money we pour into this stupid system, we are absolutely antiquated in how we provide care.

Everyone should have an advocate when they go to the hospital – EVERYONE. I am absolutely positive that if I hadn’t made my concern known, Ryan would never have gotten a room.



Hospitals and why you need an advocate — 2 Comments

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! i had seven surgeries in the six year period of 1999 to 2005. If I hadn’t had someone with me during every single one, I shudder to think what would have happened to me — even with a bed.
    One nurse can be great, the shift changes and “ignore” seems to get plastered on your door. Things come up within a shift — “O I thought so and so was doing that.” It goes on.
    I still hate to think of you trying to get through the night in the waiting area, worrying if Ryan was getting enough sleep and rest to keep seizures at bay. And I know he would not have gotten a bed without your voice.
    Even with an Advocate, it can be hell at times ……
    Good for You Shawnna,

  2. Gawd Shawn… thank god your son has you. i know you can be a real pit-bull when pushed. good for you and very good for Ryan. i imagine he is sleeping now after this entire ordeal, so i will delay calling him until tomorrow.