My son's documentary – test screening at Northwest Film Forum (Dec. 21, 2007)

Many years ago, I read a wonderful book about discovering what fuels our internal passions in life. While the title, Fire in the Belly, On Being a Man, is obviously written for the male reader, the Life Truth’s within this book apply to all.

How many people do you know who explore their passion in Life? How many do you even know who can articulate their own Life’s passion? I can count the people I personally know on one hand – and that is very sad. I do believe the reason so many are depressed and engage in unhealthy behaviors is because our culture does not foster a spiritual path leading to discovering one’s Purpose (aka “passion”).

But I’m digressing – let me bring this back to my original intent for this entry.

One of my greatest challenge as a parent was to foster an environment for my sons to find their passion – Matt, my oldest, has done just that.

My son, Matt, is a film maker.

It is his gift, and his passion in life. We should all be so blessed to have something we love so much that we are willing to sacrifice significant creature comforts to pursue. And Matt has sacrificed much to pursue his life’s passion.

My son is also passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When Matt first introduced me to Mixed Martial Arts, I was repulsed at the obvious violence. I kept my mind open and Matt shared with me a spiritual dimension of those he knows involved in the sport – I was hooked.

Some of you will question how a combat sport can be “spiritual” – I understand. Matt’s documentary shows how this sport can help those involved evolve spiritually. It truly is a wonderful documentary that does just that.

His test screening played to a full house at the Northwest Film Forum’s small auditorium (it holds 49 people). It really was a very successful event. Matt required those who attended to fill out a survey sheet so he can take their candid input and continue to refine his film.


My heartfelt prayers for Matt’s continued success in pursuing his passion, and his own spiritual path.

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