EDITED – 2007 comes to an end – a year of significant Life Lessons

2007 comes to an end and I have been blessed with many Lessons.

Lessons primarily through heartache and loss – it seems that is my Journey’s path.

I do not know what 2008 will bring – but I pray I will bring Love and Light to all I’m blessed to encounter.


EDIT – New Year’s morning

I had an epiphany of sort and wanted to make sure that 2008 got started on the most positive path possible so am going to edit this a bit.

When I said my 2007 Lessons were “primarily through heartache and loss” I should have clarified that a bit – it sounds very depressing and that is not what I intended!

As I have reflected on the whole of my Life’s Journey, the Lessons that have had the most impact have been those learned upon experiencing personal heartache and emotional loss. I am most certainly not morose and want to be clear about where that bit of self-awareness came from.

To expand a bit, 2007 (and 2006 as well) were life-changing Lessons in cyber relationships. All of my adult life I have been painfully aware of my own desire to avoid small talk and shallow, meaningless relationships. It has never been my forte to relate to people on a superficial level. If we don’t have anything of substance to share with each other, I usually avoid interaction. I brought that propensity to this cyber environment as well.

Funny thing is though many seem to find cyber relationships disposable, to put it simply. My inherent approach in relating to people was, for the most part, not reciprocated. In fact, I found that this media provides those with significant emotional and/or spiritual wounds a very safe and secure mechanism for pretending to be healthy.

Now some may say that ‘faking it until they make it’ is a good way toward self-awareness but woe to those without discernment and wisdom who find themselves on the receiving end! Being attracted to very intelligent, self-confident and spiritually aware individuals requires a significant level of discernment and wisdom to avoid engaging those who are less than authentic in this new world of cyber interaction!

THAT is my most significant Life Lesson for both 2006 and 2007!

My prayer continues to be that I will bring Love and Light to all I’m blessed to encounter but I’m editing this prayer to add with considerable Discernment and Wisdom!

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