Understanding what's happening

Having spent the last week reconnecting my soul to the Source, spending days at the beach with Kyle (my best friend) and visiting with my former in-laws, I have so much to write about. I’ll get to that though.

Right now there’s nothing more important to me than understanding what’s happening in our financial markets. That will come as a surprise to those who know me – I’ve never been one who worries too much about money – it’s so temporal. But what is happening right now must be understood. That is why I’m holding off posting my insights from vacation for the time being.

Please – if you care about this country – take the time to learn what is going on. It is so very important….

Last night while driving home from Los Angeles, I heard an interview with the WAMU CFO who predicted the collapse. It was surreal hearing him say what I had been wondering about for quite a while when house prices were sky rocketing.

As usual, NPR (National Public Radio) has done an outstanding job explaining what is going on in the financial markets. Please take the time to understand all of this – it’s so vital we educate ourselves.

Knowledge is power.

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