Looking ahead to 2009

As I look ahead to this new year, what I see is change. Lots and lots of change.

Not sure what that means but I know the internal feeling I have.

My son gave me ‘Sicko’ for Christmas. I hadn’t watched it before, primarily because the problems with our health care ‘system’ require a more in depth look than Michael Moore generally brings to the table. But I have to be honest and say it made me think even more deeply about the ills within our system. For that, I’m always grateful.

And if you’ve noticed a change in my blog – it’s because I’ve had to do some editing of what’s ‘public’ versus ‘private’. A new ‘blog policy’ where I am currently employed required me to revisit certain type of entries.

Nuff said.

Here’s to a new year of transitions! May you all bring peace and compassion to a world in desperate need.


PS – have a nasty flu bug now. Ugh……

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