Hope and the Healing Power of Solitude

The transition of power in this country is something to behold.

As we move out from under the worst President in my memory, we embrace hope – the greatest hope we’ve felt since the early 1960’s. I can feel it in my bones that, at some level, we all feel hopeful.

On this momentous day, I’m home sick – again. Bronchitis and strep throat have taken a severe toll. I sometimes wonder if anyone would notice if I just slipped away.

Loneliness is taking it’s toll as well.

It is not the same kind of loneliness I imagined I’d feel as I truly enjoy my own company and relish the solitude. Solitude is soul nurturing.

It is a spiritual loneliness torturing my mortality now. Many souls have crossed my path, many have connected in a profound, yet temporary way.

Some would say it is me who drives others away – that has been true.

This time of soul nurturing solitude is required if I am to heal. So be it.

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