2004 California trip

Just got back from the trip to LA – Matt's BD, Kyle's surprise 50th BD party, Regina's transition…………

Too much to write about now – I need to process it more. Here's what I'll be thinking about as I fly off to Chicago for a meeting tomorrow and Wednesday (not in any particular order):

* Regina – her transition from marriage to divorce is proving difficult with her alcoholism. Seems to be in denial. Not sure how I can help. The visit with her was cut a bit short as I felt it was too toxic an environment for Ryan and I. I love her so much but given what I went through with my Mom………. too many issues came up that created a sense of “deja vue”. Need to pray and think about all of this.

The good news is Vincent (my nephew) is coming up for the first week of August for a visit. First time ever! I hope I can be a positive source of emotional and spiritual support for him.

* Kyle – our friendship has stood the test of time. Her family planned a surprise 50th BD party for her – I was charged with taking her out for the day so they could prepare everything! She really was surprised because they had a “party” for her two days before with just the family.

They invited EVERYONE. I saw Gwen and Gail – twins I knew from Jr. High!! Wow….. this was on the last day we were there. Ryan and I left the party at midnight to begin our journey (drive) home. The Jetta's glow plug warning light came on about 50 miles from home. Manual says to take it to a dealer “as soon as possible” as it means there's something amiss in this system of the car. Cruise control stopped at the same time – may be a computer glitch??? ugh….

* Money – as usual – spent waaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much. The next 6 months are going to be difficult financially.

* Matt – his 23rd birthday. He's really gone now – I sensed a definite difference in him, in our relationship, in everything. I suppose that's good, right? Kids grow up and move away….. part of the process, right?? All needs to be processed, and prayed about. I want to be a good mother and let go without losing him completely. Bought him clothes (which he even acknowledged he needed) and paid for an oil change (100% synthetic) and tank of gas for his car. His car's oil stick showed NO OIL registering when we got there….. wow……. I guess he won't learn until he has no transportation, no job……… Why do we all have to learn things the hard way?

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