First thing Monday – when approximately 50 people get to work – they will be told the programs they support are being sold. I work with these people every day – they are GOOD people. My heart aches with knowing this – I wish I could do something to make it all end but it is a “done deal” so to speak. All that's left is for the state agencies to approve the sale – and there's no reason to believe they won't. It's been done before – much in the same manner. I am now turning my focus to making the transition as easy as possible for our members.

My boss's new boss had a meeting last week in which he presented his “vision” for the future for the department. All the same BS I've heard before – nothing new at all. However he did have one thing I wrote down:

Life is change — change is opportunity

I have to add that the above is ONLY true if Life is approached with an ATTITUDE that supports that view. All too often my attitude has interfered with seeing the “opportunity” in a situation – for that awareness, I am grateful to him. However, I introduced myself to him at the break – remember he was suppose to meet with my boss and I when she told me about the sale. What I came away with was the blackness in his eyes (and his soul). I don't know how to explain it but there was something very dark about him. I will keep my guard up with respect to him – hear that Angels dear??

There's a lot of emotional pain and drama going on with my son's friends right now. Unfortunately politics has a way of doing that if we don't accept each other just as they are. Our human nature is one of needing acceptance – when political ideologies make that difficult among FRIENDS – our love and compassion for each other MUST take over.


You CANNOT change anyone but YOU.

When you try to change how someone feels or believes – you send a message that who they are is somehow not good enough – thus the emotional pain begins. Then our ego gets in the way and won't allow the healing power of humility and love to intervene. That's all I'll say about that.

My prayer is that a battalion of Angels will descend and guide us all.

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