What do bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter?

I’ve often wondered about that – we have so many religious holidays peppered over with seemingly irrelevant symbols.

Then the other day I found this.


That made a lot of sense to me intuitively.

But my spiritual yearning for community and companionship calls deeply. Why am I so alone year after year? My Vedic astrology reading shows it will be challenging for me until 2019. Yes indeed – it sure looks like things will be quite challenging for me for at least five years going forward given my self-inflicted tax problems. Be that as it may – I will always look for the deeper meaning – in everything. My son wrote to me yesterday:

maybe you going through this right now is supposed to be how i learn my lesson?

Yes – I hope so. I’m glad to have whatever suffering I encounter serve as a Life Lesson for my sons.

Easter has profound meaning for Christians – especially those Christians who choose to follow Jesus’ message of Love. Rabbi Rami Shapiro has given me a wonderful Easter homily via his blog – and the message of letting go of fear strikes at the very heart of what the spiritual journey means.

The Meaning of Easter by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

May each of you let go of your fear and embrace Love.

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