Crystal clear vision PLUS a beautiful blessing!

Wow….. just…… WOW.

After eye surgery yesterday, I can see things so clearly now; reading will require some glasses I think but I can’t believe how crystal clear my vision in my right eye is now!

And I had the most beautiful blessing – when I got home from the eye doctor this morning, I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to brew and a beautiful humming bird came to the fuchsia hanging outside my kitchen sink window – turned away from the plant and looked right at me for a good 3 or 4 seconds! And I could see every beautiful color and detail on this little angel!!


After a short, two week treatment with prednisone last fall, I developed a fast growing cataract in my right eye. And yes, I absolutely believe it was the prednisone because in June of 2012 I had a complete, dilated eye exam and no cataract was found.

I’m deeply grateful for the successful surgical intervention, the great health insurance I have and my crystal clear vision.

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