Greed and You

Greed is only one of many inherent human characteristics. To the extent we are aware of it, it can be managed. Where there is corporate greed (lots of humans acting together) combined with government ignorance (at best) and corruption (at worse) we end up with our current society. Read this article for a perfect illustration of how we came to this as a nation. Then ask yourself, why has no Wall Street CEO been led off in hand cuffs and locked away for good?…/wall-street-hard-time-ethical

We have the government and society we deserve at this moment.

Until we wake up and realize that only WE can change things, nothing will change.

All who simply allow their 401K money to go to a mutual fund without looking at what is actually being invested in via that mutual fund are complicit.

All who shop at Walmart and other companies that don’t pay a living wage are complicit.

All who bank with CHASE, Wells Fargo, Citi, Bank of America, et al are complicit.

All who ignore the reality that WE have created this mess and refuse to admit complicity are central to our problems as a society.

We allowed this to happen by our wanton materialism and WIFM (‘what’s in it for me?) attitude.

A nation is judged by where it puts its resources. When a nation values its military might more than a teacher, you know something is very wrong. When a nation allows 45,000 a year to die because they can’t get medical care without insurance, you know something is very wrong.

When one of us suffers, we all suffer. Until we can evolve as a species and embrace this concept in critical mass, we’ll continue to struggle in this hell we’ve created.

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