After being laid off a year ago, I knew I was at a cross-road.  I initially focused on getting the health care I needed before my insurance ended.  Then I dedicated myself to finding meaningful work.

Frightened of what may come, I struggled to make the house payment using what little savings I had.  I went through waves of overwhelming fear and depression.  Who hires a 59 year old woman in this economy???

Recognizing the opportunity in front of me, I submitted my application to volunteer at Evergreen Hospice while also looking for work full time.  I went to the hospice volunteer interview and completed the health requirements (which were extensive).

Having lost my only brother at a very young age and both parents a while ago, I knew that coming to terms with my mortality was important for my spiritual growth.

After about four months of being unemployed, I accepted a local offer for a good position.  Feeling relieved and glad to get back to work, I planned a short solo road trip retreat.

Then my life took an even harsher turn.  My only nephew overdosed and died in early February 2014.  Three months later, my only sister died.

I had just started my new job so I postponed my hospice volunteer training.  Then I had to postpone it again when work required 60 hours each week.  I also needed to get probate going and fulfill my sister’s last wishes.

Today I finally went to Day One of my hospice volunteer training and I felt emotionally overwhelmed.  It felt like I belonged and had come home.  A full day tomorrow and then again next Saturday and I’ll be ready to begin my one year volunteer commitment.

Doing this is my purpose.  I can’t begin to explain the intensity of finally knowing my post-child raising path.

Feeling blessed beyond imagination.






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