Matt’s visit – March 2015

Today I’m blessed to have both sons home.  Oh they are both out and about but this is where they will lay their heads tonight.


Matt and I’ve had a rough time this past year. This trip has been about healing.

If I’ve taught my sons anything, it’s that we talk about our problems. It’s been hard to talk to Matt with him so far away.

Ok, that’s bullshit.

It’s been hard to talk to him because I’ve been angry. And my anger is a tool to cover hurt.

I own it.

That’s gone now.  We had a very emotional conversation his first night here.  It was healing.

We needed that.

And the rest of his visit has been so nice.  He’s been working hard on his film project and it’s just been good to have daily life with him in it.

At what point do we let go of our distance and honor what time we have left?

Death has been a huge part of my thinking and I can’t help but wonder if living so far from each other is how we should be spending the twilight of my life?


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