Frodo died yesterday

FrodoSummer2009Our (Matt’s) beloved Frodo, the pick of the one litter of pugs born in 2005, had a massive stroke yesterday.

We rushed him to the vet who immediately referred us to a critical care vet nearby.  They were wonderful and got him in right away.  They did some blood work to rule out certain things and made him comfortable.

He couldn’t stand up and his eyes were unable to focus and moved oddly.  He didn’t appear to be able to see us because when we got close to his face, he didn’t lick us like he normally would.  One of his legs was being held out straight as if he couldn’t bend it.  His head was looking way to the side as if he couldn’t hold it straight.

The wonderful vet said she hadn’t seen a stroke as bad as Frodo’s.  She gave him a 30-40% chance of improving overnight and IF he did improve, he was facing a very long recovery.  He’d likely never play or be the same again.

With that prognosis, we, as a family, decided the most compassionate thing to do was to put him out of his misery.

I held him in my arms as the injection was given.  He went very peacefully and is buried in our backyard with our beloved Golden Retriever Teeko and our German Shepherd Rajah (both also died in my arms).

Matt brought him into the world by removing the placenta (Xena, his mom-pug wasn’t the most attentive) so he was bonded to Matt.

Matt and Frodo

I am still in shock.  He was so healthy and vibrant.

Here’s a link to a video of Frodo playing in the backyard last summer – I just loved being out there with him.

Rest in peace, dear Frodo.  I’ll see you when I get there.

Frodo – Summer 2014

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