Rhaegar – Our Alaskan Malamute Puppy

September 6, 2016

Rhaegar (“Ray-gar”) was born July 8, 2016. He was eight weeks old on Friday, September 2nd and ready to come home.

Rhaeger at 7 weeks - 8-30-2016

The breeder (Stacey Moore) in Midland, Texas is absolutely wonderful! She gave us everything we needed to get started, including a perfect crate, grooming table, bag of the food he was used to, treats and pee pee pads!

I flew down to Dallas on Friday, Sept 2nd and rented a car to pick him up Saturday morning. After visiting with Stacey for a couple of hours, we packed up the car and headed for home. First stop was Albuquerque, New Mexico. We stayed at the Candlewood Suites which provided a very nice room with a full kitchenette. The puppy pee pads came in very handy and Rhaegar was successful using them 90% of the time. He was really worn out from the car ride so he crashed right away. These are pics in the car, and the hotel in Albuquerque.

Rhaegar in car

Rhaegar Back Seat

Rhaegar at Albuquerque hotel

Next stop was Ogden, Utah and he was obviously a little less stressed. He was so excited to get outta the car that he was literally running laps in the hotel room! Click this link to see the video.

Untitled from Shawnna Lynne on Vimeo.

We left Ogden at 4 AM Mountain time and started our longest leg of our journey home. He was so good in the car – what a road trip trooper!

Rhaegar Back Seat

Today is the first full time home with him and he’s already learned how to use the doggie door to the back yard. We’re also working on “sit” too.

He’s apprehensive around children, as we learned tonight when Halynn and Arianna came to visit. He started barking and acting scared. We worked for a while with giving treats and he finally kissed their hands and was OK. But he didn’t act like that with Dan and Sue so it’s clear it wasn’t the stranger aspect; it was the children aspect. More socialization with children is needed, obviously.

Today he was enjoying his bully stick. So cute.

Rhaegar 9-6-2016

September 10, 2016

Rhaegar was nine weeks old yesterday. He’s grown so much in just the week we’ve had him! He’s slept through the night the last two nights in his kennel/crate too! We are working on housebreaking with pooch bells and lots of positive reinforcement.

Ryan loves wrestling with him too! Here’s a video of Ryan and Rhaegar.

Untitled from Shawnna Lynne on Vimeo.

October 16, 2016

Rhaegar is 13 weeks and two days old today. He’s grown so much! He weighs 31.6 pounds today (last Sunday he weighed 27 pounds). He’s doing really well on Darwin’s Raw food mixed with a little of Fromms Gold Large Breed Puppy kibble. I wish I could afford just the Darwins for him, given the challenges he’s had with his gut. But the Fromms seems to agree with him so we’re trying to get him to where they are mixed half and half.

He had his first bath at Reber Ranch yesterday. They have a wonderful facility that for $14, you have access to the bathing tub, towels, dryer and oatmeal shampoo/conditioner. He seemed to be happy all through the bath and blow dry. Today we took him with us on some errands. He’s so good in the car.


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