I failed Rhaegar. Doing what is right by him. 2018

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we’ve decided to give Rhaegar back to his breeder. We’ve had some incidents of aggression such that I don’t feel I can trust him. I’ve loved him with all my heart since he was 8 weeks old, but I’ve failed him as a leader.

The reality of all of this has taken it’s toll on me emotionally, and physically.

He’s going to fly to Wisconsin tomorrow with a friend of the breeder (who is also an Alaskan Malamute breeder) tomorrow. He’ll be staying with her for a few days and be evaluated for temperament.

Then he’ll go to boot camp. Stacey (the breeder) feels very confident that she will be able to find a great home for him. He may even be a show dog someday. I feel blessed to have chosen such a wonderfully supportive breeder.

I’ll be following his progress, knowing that doing this is THE best thing we could do for him. As our trainer said, it’s just not a good mix given our sedentary lifestyle and his needs.

I failed him.

2018 is starting out to be a real challenging year.

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