Ryan’s first SOLO road trip!

Ryan’s going to see Isabella in Denver and because of COVID19, he’s driving.

It’s his first solo long distance road trip so naturally, he’s nervous. He’s spent a month preparing (car service, tires checked, etc) and he’s off now (9:12 AM Pacific Time on Monday, September 14, 2020).

I’m going to miss him so much! But he’s going to have an AWESOME time with Isabella.

11:45 AM – Sunnyside

Ryan made it to Sunnyside and stopped for gas.

3:55 PM Pacific Time Ryan crossed into Idaho! He’s making very good time.

4:30 PM Pacific Time Ryan at a rest area outside of Boise, Idaho. He’s almost to his destination for tonight – Twin Falls, Idaho!

7:41 PM, Pacific Daylight Time

Ryan arrived at the hotel. We zoomed and he went to get something to eat. Another long drive tomorrow and then he’ll be there!

Day 2 of SOLO road trip, Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ryan left Twin Falls, Idaho this morning around 8:30 AM. And at 10:20 he passed into Utah! He’s making great progress!

He sent me this text and later reported that he was in Tremonton, UT

He still has over a nine hour drive; I’m hoping he isn’t going to have to drive in the dark for too long before arriving at Ashley and Matt’s house.

11:07 AM Pacific time – Ryan sent me this pic – says he has no idea where he is. Looks like Utah to me.

Ryan just reported that this was near Castle Rock, Utah

Received this text from Ryan at 11:50 AM Pacific time.

This just in from Ryan at 12:10 PM

6:30 PM Pacific Time and Ryan sent me a text saying he arrived and is going for a walk with everyone.

Woo hoo! Thank you guardian angels for keeping him safe! May he have an absolute blast!

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