Pneumonia hospital stay

The day Ryan got home (Thursday evening, Oct 1), I ended up calling 911 due to 103.5 fever and vomiting after having been sick for almost 3 weeks. The ER suspected COVID-19 plus heart issues so I was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. I was in the Critical Care Unit for 3 nights and after 3 negative COVID-19 tests and healing a bit, was transferred up to a Med/Surg floor to finishing recovering. Ultimately my diagnosis included bilateral pneumonia, sepsis, c-diff, UTI and myocarditis (or maybe heart failure).

Here’s a pic of my lovely room:

It was scary.

I’m home now and will take as many weeks as needed to recover.

Monday I see my primary care doc for follow up and then Friday I have to see the cardiologist for a stress echocardiogram because the inpatient echocardiogram showed reduced heart function. I’m hoping that was due to the virus my body was battling.

This experience is as close to dying as I want to get for a good long time.

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