"The Secret" – A Message from Robert Hayes

A Message from Robert Hayes

For those of you who find “The Secret” and want to know more, this is very important information from Robert Hayes.

Dear Friends,

Suddenly, it’s all over the place. The movie: The Secret. Referenced in conversation, it’s cast is on Oprah, people are calling and writing to ask if I teach the principles shown in the movie (I do. See Visualizing and Manifestation).

Socially speaking, the timing and the spin in the movie couldn’t have been better. After five years of upheaval in our world since 9/11 the public is ready to gobble up anything they think has been “kept” from them by the greedy elites.

But the movie didn’t tell the whole story. A lot of what was told in the movie is accurate. You can change your reality with the power of your mind.

But some of what was told in the movie wasn’t accurate, and it left out some important points for your safety, and the safety of those around you when you use this knowledge to change your world.

What they didn’t tell you in the movie

To begin with, there was more than one reason this information has been kept secret. And the reasons, as you’ll read below, are good.

Review the images in the movie: who knew the secret and was keeping it from the people? The Pharaohs, the Nazis, and the cigar smoking fat-cats in the corporate boardrooms.

But what they didn’t tell you was the other part of the story. The other people who were keeping The Secret from you. The good guys. The keepers of the secret knowledge and all of it’s nuances. The Teachers. The people of the “Mystery Schools”. They’re still around and functioning today, and what they know that the people who made the movie ignored is that not everyone is ready for this knowledge. That those who are on a spiritual path will come upon this information as they seek out their knowledge in spiritual growth. Initially, it’s a self-qualifying process.

But even then, it isn’t all given at one time. It can’t be digested and understood at once as an intellectual curiosity. It needs to be experienced, and grown into, and felt. And people who teach this, know this. Hence, it’s delivered in stages, allowing the pupil to grow with their increasing knowledge. A movie, by it’s nature can’t answer your questions, and give you guidance.

The powers described in the movie are huge. And they are available to everyone. But through the ages people were taught proper methods and ways to use these abilities, not just “how” to use them. Remember the Disney movie Fantasia? And the segment about the Sorcerers’ Apprentice? Attempting to make his life easier and save himself some work, Mickey had the floors mopped for him, and in doing so unleashed a flood he couldn’t control.

It’s a lot like handing the car keys to a nine year old and saying “Here. Teach yourself to drive.” Even the most mature and well intentioned nine year old is going to end the day with some damage, and possibly some casualties.

Things to watch for when manifesting

Here’s a real life example from one of my classes in Visualizing and Manifestation.

In preparation for my classes, I ask people to think about what they would like to manifest in their lives, and write it down in great detail. Then at some point we go around the room and read aloud the goals of their Visualizations.

When it was her turn, one woman said she was going to manifest a wife for her son. Commensurate oohs and ahhs of approval from everyone present. But it set off alarm bells in me. She described this wife as strong, and mature and directed.

After everyone finished congratulating her for her thoughtfulness and selfless vision, I asked her why she wanted to manifest a wife for her son, and initiated an exercise I call the Five Whys.

When you ask a person why they want to manifest a specific thing (or situation, or event) they’ll respond to you with an intellectual answer that represents the culmination of their thinking on the subject.

If you ask them again, they’ll give you a slightly different, but still intellectual answer.

Ask again. Again a different, but still intellectual answer.

With each round the answers contain a little more emotion than the previous one.

By the time you get to the fifth round (and it’s never gone past five, hence the name) the person will respond with a purely emotional cause for the goal of their Visualization. And that is what needs to be evaluated against their Visualization for accuracy and appropriateness. Quite often the desire and the goal have nothing to do with one another.

By the fifth time I asked her why she wanted to manifest a wife for her son she blurted out:

“Because I want my house back! I want him out of there! I want my space back!”

And that is a very different thing than wanting a wife for your son. Chocolate and pineapples. Not at all the same thing.

Her reasoning, convoluted as it was, was that no woman would want to live with her Mother-In-Law and so a wife would force her son to become more responsible, seek full time work, get a place of his own, etc. etc.

Imagine if she had manifested a wife for her son. What if things didn’t happen as assumed after the wedding? For the supposed benefit of getting her space back (no guarantee there – remember: it wasn’t mentioned in the Visualization that he would leave home) hers, her son’s and a stranger’s lives would be intertwined and complicated in ways completely unforeseen. No mention of a happy marriage, no mention of a healthy marriage.

Another real life example

Here’s another example of what can happen when people set out too soon to realize their desires, and this one is practically text book in it’s illustration of cause and effect.

A woman in one of my ongoing Visualizing and Manifesting Groups had brought her aging Mother into her home to live with her.

Apparently Mom was a handful, and difficult at times just because she craved some attention and interaction after being alone all day. The fact that she was hearing impaired and played her radio and television really loud didn’t help.

After a hard day at work all the woman wanted when she got home was a little time to herself, some quiet, and an opportunity to gather herself. But the situation didn’t allow for that.

So, midweek between group meetings, and without talking to any of her fellow group members, she decided to manifest a vacation for herself. Then she decided she couldn’t afford the time or expense of a vacation (perfect examples of over thinking or micro-managing the Manifesting process). In order to make her desires fit with something she could comfortably comprehend, she decided she just needed five days of quiet that wouldn’t cost her anything.

She visualized having five days of complete quiet in her personal life.

The second day after she began the Visualization she went home from work to find her mother had fallen and broken a bone. Her mother was taken away in an ambulance, and kept in the hospital for observation for five days.

Sadly stories like this one abound in the teaching world of Visualization.

Things you absolutely, positively must do when manifesting

So what could have saved this cause and effect tripwire for this woman and her mother?

A simple amendment we teach in every class, recite and drill until it’s in your head forever.

One of my teachers called it the “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”. Because whatever happens as a result of your Manifestation, you know that no one will get hurt.

As you finish your Visualization, and you finish your oral intent, you always add:

“I want this to happen for the benefit of all parties involved, and to the detriment of no one.”

Sound hokey? Go back and read the previous two sections.

This way, no matter what form your Manifestation takes to come to you (and it will come to you, one way or another) it will not take the most expeditious route if that means causing damage to another.

Things to Know and Things to Remember

As you can see, an unprepared mind can wreak havoc on their own lives and the lives of others all in the name of wanting the best. Old sayings stick around for a reason: The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.

The difficulty with films and self-help books is that they tell people they can do these things, and how to do these things, but they don’t tell how to do so responsibly, or warn them about the potential pitfalls. There are a few anecdotal stories, but no actual methods, exercises or best practices taught.

You can create anything you can imagine. A person, a place, a thing, a situation, an environment.

The people I’ve had the pleasure of observing in my classes have successfully manifested the spectrum of what’s available to us in this world: Cars (lots of cars), Houses (several), Partners, Spouses, Jobs, Changes in the Behavior of Others, Changes in Themselves (physical and behavioral), Animals and in some really wonderful cases to observe: Opportunities (an elegant example high-order thinking).

It’s all available to you. It’s a power, or really, an ability you possess as a birthright. Use it. But use it wisely. And use it for the greater good of everyone involved.

Remember: Every good deed you do raises all of us just that little bit higher.

Be happy, and healthy.



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