Isabella’s broken leg – September 30, 2022

While playing on a trampoline, IzzyB broke her tibia.

Matt and IzzyB at the hospital, waiting for the doctor to take an x-ray.

Yep, broken tibia.
They gave her a turtle at the ER; she named him “Peter”. She’s a tough little girl, for sure.

UPDATE – Tuesday, October 4, 2022

IzzyB got her beautiful purple cast on today.

UPDATE – October 6, 2022

She’s relearning how to walk with it too!

Her father, Matt, posted this caption of the above video:

BREAKING – area woman who broke her tibia less than a week ago is delighted to report that the ordeal has afforded her the opportunity to discover the joy of Blue Ray discs, an antiquated digital media format. she also has appreciated the overflowing effort of servitude dispe’s layed by her parental units in the way of extra and more plentiful refreshments, as well as an enhanced ability on their part to endure vocal abuse. she also wishes to express that no, no, no, no, no you may not sign her cast. you may, however draw a rocket ship, so long as it doesn’t look like a penis.

UPDATE – Monday, October 10, 2022

She’s walking with her cast now! Woo hoo!

UPDATE – November 8, 2022

IzzyB is a *very* independent girl and decided she didn’t want to walk after she had her cast removed on October 26, 2022. They printed out the x-rays so she could see it was healed and she tried to throw them away! Here’s what Matt texted me when they visited the orthopedists’ office:

“There’s no medical reason she can’t walk. Between 3 MDs and 3 nurse practitioners, no one can figure out what to do next. It’s normal for them to be limping now, but not outright refusing when there’s no medical reason.

“She’s so stubborn it’s actually impressive” – said both NP’s

She’s been crawling or being carried around by her mom and dad ever since; that got real old, real quick!

Two nights ago, she randomly says “I wanna walk” and has been standing and putting weight on it ever since with support!

Here’s her friends at school helping her walk with support:

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