As I’ve grown older, I’ve seen people I thought I knew turn to what I lovingly call the dark side of America. They bash the LGBTQ communities, think Black Lives do not matter (though they won’t admit it) and generally embrace the right-wing fascist talking points so many are fond of. Oh, and don’t forget Hunter Biden’s laptop! We have a former POTUS who is a full on traitor and is defying our laws; but don’t forget about Hunter’s laptop!

WTF has happened to their brains?!?!

I love my country. I love ALL of the people in my country. No human being is “illegal”, love who you love, live and let live.

So much pain and suffering in the world and they have embraced the culture wars as if that really matters.

If you and I knew each other when we were younger, please open your heart and mind. Start by exploring these writers for what really matters:


Umair is a Harvard-trained economist who found his heart and soul. His writings will challenge you to rethink so much of what we’ve been taught to believe. Not light reading, but so worth it, especially this one: America, you’re having a fascist collapse

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Ruth is a historian and expert authoritarians, propaganda, democracy protection.  Author of: Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present

Jay Kuo

Jay is an attorney,a dmitted before the Supreme Court and 9th Circuit. A.B. In Political Science (Stanford) J.D. (UC Berkeley). Board member, Human Rights Campaign. CEO of The Social Edge. Composer of Allegiance on Broadway.

Teri Kanefield

Teri is another attorney who has published a slew of articles that are all worthy of your time.

And then there’s this to consider:

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