Abandonment and Society's Lie

Ryan’s best friend from childhood, Brett, is visiting – and it is clear he’s in the depths of his own personal hell. With a recent felony conviction and a history of substance abuse – his struggle is painful to witness. Especially when I can see so clearly the source of his pain. His mother left him – for a life with a wealthy man – with her now ex-husband who adopted Brett when he was little. Brett’s struggle comes from this incredibly deep wound of abandonment – first his biological father and then his mother.

I have vowed to be here for him. If he chooses to continue down a path of self-destruction, I will do my best to help him see the folly of that choice. I will also do my best to help him see that his only hope is to rise above his parenting and focus on self-awareness. Discovering who he truly is – at his Soul level – is the only path out of that kind of emotional and psychological wound. It is a wound I know well.

Abandonment is a wound I share with those I love most dearly – at some level. Our lives are entwined for a reason – exploring that reason (aka my Life’s Purpose) has been my focus for almost 30 years now. I am always learning something new about me (and each of you!) with every encounter.

The Life Lessons here are always mandatory – it’s the Learning that is optional. Making the choice to learn can be very difficult. The path to authenticity requires courage and an inner strength that some find difficult. The seduction of what society views as ‘success’ is powerful – money, physical beauty, career growth, political power. Society tells us these are the traits that define who we are. The seduction to believe all of that is very, very powerful.

And it is all a lie.

Every day we are asked to make choices that in the end, ultimately define us. Consciously choosing to reject society’s lie – that is my daily struggle.

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