My motorcycle accident

Let’s see, my right hand is broken, my left thumb is broken, my body is black and blue and I still want to ride.

After selling the way-too-big Road King, and riding my Honda Rebel beginner bike for a season, I sold the Honda and bought a perfect Harley Sportster.

The first day I rode the Sportster to work, while riding home, a small nissan truck lost control on the freeway and doing donuts across all four lanes, ended up in my lane and I ended up down and underneath his truck.

I don’t remember many of the details – my mind has always blocked unpleasant memories – which has been a real blessing. But the bottom line is my new 2006 Harley Sportster is sitting in my garage damaged. Here’s some pics.

And I’ve hired an attorney to sort out insurance issues and liability. The police report is clear that the driver of the nissan truck was 100% at fault. Problem is he’s 21 years old and the insurance on the truck was not in his name (most likely his father’s). That insurance company is saying “coverage doesn’t look good”.

Anyway…… I love to ride………………… but will I be able to overcome my fear once my bike is fixed?

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