True success comes without attachment

Once again my weekly Kabbalah tune up hits the mark.

When we do our spiritual work — sharing, transforming ourselves, sharing again — many times we have the chance to help others become stronger and more successful. It’s important to remember that even if they don’t attribute their growth or success to our contribution, it doesn’t mean we have not been successful.

We often wait for the thanks, the credit, the acknowledgment of our participation in the process. Unfortunately, the more we wait, and the more we wait, the more we actually lose it.

We get confused about what is ours and what isn’t ours. Whether it’s with our career, our friends, our family, when we feel like it’s mine, we begin to lose. If you look at true success, it comes without attachment. It needs to be less important how others view our contribution and more important how the universe takes it into account.

The more attachment we have, the less we actually gain. The more control we want, the less we actually end up controlling. When we let go — not just abdicate responsibility but act as a true leader where the second and third tiers beneath us have leeway — there is so much more we can do and accomplish.

Letting go requires gaining more trust in the Creator. To know that you can reach more people and share more if you micromanage less and dominate less — it’s not an easy concept to implement. It demands a change of consciousness.

Great leadership comes with trust and with giving over responsibility — that power to the people behind or under you. The more successful we want to be, the more we need to find a way to share some of that pressure and control with the people underneath us, and encourage them to do the same with those under them and so on.

The universe works in such a way that a bit of everything we have and we work on cannot be for us; enjoyed by us, benefited by us, used by us. Trying to hold onto everything only makes things smaller.

Nothing is all ours. The universe is anyways going to teach us that the hard way, if we don’t get it on our own. And for those people — children, friends, family, co-workers — who we know we can influence for the better – how do we insure that the lessons they receive will be good ones? The more we let go, and don’t try to completely control — the more the universe will supplement their learning process.

How can we insure the experience or lesson is what they need to get? By not trying to control everything. The universe and others will teach them, in the same precise way the universe teaches us.

So for this week, practice no attachment. No control. Let everybody else enjoy from the fruits. When you plant one seed, 100 people can enjoy the fruits, so don’t try to hold onto all of them.

This lesson of ‘letting go’ so the Universe and others will teach is my Advent focus this year. Letting go – especially of my oldest who is now experiencing his own Life Lessons – is a lot harder than it seems.

May all experience similar ‘aha moments’ as we embrace this wondrous time of the spiritual year.

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