Synchronicity of Life

Matt left today… again….

After a very tension filled visit. I have such a hard time letting go….. and that is making it so hard for us both. He did stage a really nice family pic that we were able to do while he was here. I’ve uploaded it to the pics of interest page.

Matt is very independent, opinionated, strong-willed and out spoken…. hmmm….. he actually told me the other night during one of our emotion-filled ‘discussions’ that he was “holding up a mirror” to me.

That’s for sure…. but so hard to realize at the time. He’s absolutely right.

Seems my Life Lessons for 2010 are quite clear. Letting go and supporting him in a way that is mature and helpful, rather than overbearing and hurtful is my goal.

Maybe I need to go back into counseling for a while? It’s always been helpful in other major Life Lesson periods.

Happy 2010 to everyone. May this year be a year of blessings and growth for us all.

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