"…even homebound"

Every week I receive a Kabbalah Tune Up message. Once again, today’s rings true as I’m finding myself digging deeper in my own solitude right now. (“even homebound”).

“ …At the end of the day it’s all about how we share our Light. ”

Inside each one of us, there are two Lights. One is a steady, constant Light. The other is a flickering spark. But both push us to seek the other Lights (people) that we’re connected to, and to complete our mission with them in this world.

At certain times in our lives, we may find ourselves static. Still. Even homebound. We’re in a process of seeking that steady Light within. It requires peace and quiet, stability and consistency.

Other times in our lives, we may find ourselves in outward search mode. Constantly changing places and scenery, traveling in search of other Lights we need in order to shine brightly. Our Lights join and become a larger flame. At the end of the day it’s all about how we share our Light with the people on this path with us, and finding them.

Everyday we meet people and they are part of our process and we are a part of theirs. But do we realize that we also need to help them reach their destination, their destiny?

Being on this spiritual journey means we’ve decided it’s not enough to just fix ourselves. If that was true, we could move to India and live in solitude. It’s not enough for us and it’s not enough for the world. We need other people’s paths and processes to be a priority in our lives.

Some of us live in one place for our entire life. Others find themselves constantly moving from place to place. “ Either way, the reason we go or stay is because we’ll cross paths with people we are meant to share Light with.

This week, let’s look for the Light in the eyes of people around us, and seek to be more of service to others.

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