To see things rightly…..

A dear friend sent this to me today. Bless you, Robin!

Life Lessons coming in fast and furious right now.

Recently I received an email containing pictures which were categorized as double vision. These are striking paintings that appear initially as faces, but upon closer scrutiny are other things, like flowers, people and things of that nature that together create the larger picture. I was first mesmerized by their beauty and then by the creativity that went into creating these illusions.

Being of the mindset that there are lessons and messages that can appear to us throughout our daily activity, I pondered the message stemming from this artistic exposure. Without much soul searching, I grasped the idea that I see things one way and as simple when in fact, my vision is sometimes limited and therefore I miss the beauty or insight that the total picture brings to me. Does this happen to you?

Sometimes our experiences do not involve studying a beautiful painting, but may involve seeing a situation from another person’s position. It could mean perceiving things in a different manner or seeing things with new eyes. It is hard not to be locked into viewing situations or people in our personal and professional lives from a negative perspective. Perhaps we feel hurt, slighted or rejected by those who mean much to us. Perhaps we view their actions as deliberate and designed to hurt us when they are “not doing it to us, they are just doing it.”

We may all struggle to make sense of what goes on around us and strive to understand the lessons that can be gleaned from our experiences. We may get lost in the experience, placing great value on it rather than on the lesson that comes out of that experience. (Keep the lesson, but throw away the experience).

I know that as long as I have a breath left in my body, I will continue to struggle in my attempts to see things rightly. I will continue to strive to give up being handcuffed to a stagnant and erroneous way of seeing the challenging situations in my life. I will need to look at them with double vision-seeing a large picture— while taking the time to study the smaller ones that make up the bigger one.

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