My Personal Manifesto – Updated as I Evolve

Originally written on February 9, 2013; updated April 28, 2013; updated May 10, 2013; updated Oct 12, 2013; updated Dec 3, 2013; updated April 25, 2014; updated November 2, 2014; updated January 25, 2015. It is not carved in granite, and will change over time as I (hopefully) grow in my Life Path.

To thine own self, be true. Before you can do that, you must know who you are and this requires unflinching, authentic self-awareness. The biggest hurdle to unflinching, authentic self-awareness is rising above one’s parenting. This article by Carolyn Myss describes it best, IMHO.

Leaving the Wounded Relationship Tribe

Loving someone beyond words and then losing them has left a hole in my heart and psyche.

• En dieu est tout – in all, is God. I see God in everything. I am a panentheist (pan/all en/is in theos/God). I believe that God is Ultimate Reality, the Source, the Creator and substance of all that was, is, or can be.  There is nothing God is not in; reconciling this with the evil that invades this beautiful world has been particularly challenging for me, yet I know it to be true.  Upon reading the Law of One, I feel I have a clearer understanding of the role evil plays in the Grand Plan.

• God is Love; unconditional Love. Most humans have no clue what this means because we’ve convoluted Love by our own emotional attachments and ego.

• Life is about Soul Lessons. I am an immortal Spirit who has chosen to experience this particular mortality.  We choose to come into mortality to learn specific lessons. And we continue to experience these Soul Lesson opportunities until we choose to learn, over multiple lifetimes as necessary. The Lessons are mandatory; the learning is always optional. We are asked to make the choice; will we serve others, or serve ourself. Yes, this means I believe in reincarnation.

• I am not my thoughts and feelings; I won’t give them power over my choices.

• Religions are institutions created by human beings who want control over other human beings. Like all human-created institutions, they have one purpose; eternal perpetuation. Their only purpose is to continue indefinitely. I am spiritually independent from any religious institution.

• Ancient and modern sacred texts contain much wisdom from the perspective of the authors. Read them with a strong filter that reflects your unique Soul’s purpose.

• Trust is earned; never give anyone (especially priests, pastors, imams, swamis, lamas or gurus of any persuasion) control over your life choices. Why would you give anyone or anything power over your unique Life?

• Spiritual practice is a discipline I find elusive; much to my chagrin. I am trying to find my own Spiritual practice that feeds my unique spiritual path. I am always searching.

  • There are people who will look you in the eye and lie. Use wisdom and discernment when interacting with these type of people. For those individuals – and they know who they are – karma’s an amazing equalizer. What goes around, comes around.


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