Paddi Moore

Paddi Moore promotes herself as a Vedic Astrologer.

Her claim to fame appears to be limited to her association with Demi Moore.

She also appears to drink and drive and uses Botox.

My experience with her is she will keep your money even though she performed absolutely no services. 

A highly trained Vedic Astrologer would be able to provide details about their training. Further, they would never charge someone for services never rendered.

Be careful when you choose your Vedic Astrologer. Ask for their training and experience, in detail.

And always do your research about their integrity and ethics.

I’ve given Ms. Moore weekly opportunities to refund the $497 I paid her without receiving any services; she’s canceled each request for payment.  Because I want to give her to opportunity to do what is right, I will continue to give her that opportunity.  Once she does what is right and refunds the money I paid her, I’ll remove this page.

Karma truly is a blessing.

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