Pheo Martin, aka Claudia Rose Martin, aka Claudia Heidorn

To think you know someone is the epitome of arrogance. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Claudia was my spiritual director for many years.

Eventually I thought we became friends. I say “I thought” because it is now clear that she was never a friend.

She was a Roman Catholic nun. She quit and entered into a small community with another former nun and was doing spiritual direction. She struggled financially and tried to build a business writing, making music, photography, teaching, and creating dietary supplements.

Eventually she was doing spiritual direction for a woman dying of cancer (Margaret Rothschild Heidorn). Within weeks of the woman dying, she started dating the woman’s very wealthy husband (George Heidorn, formerly with Microsoft). Within 8 months they were married. I was beyond shocked, to say the least. I never imagined Claudia would marry; much less do so simply because her life had become a challenge financially. She stopped communicating with me shortly after that. When I shared how hurt it felt to be simply cut off, she apologized and said she needed 2016 to ‘recover’ (she said she was physically depleted).

I sent her a Christmas card in December of 2016 with a simple Christmas greeting and in early January 2017, she sent me an email telling me to not bother sending one again.

At first I was devastated; I trusted and loved her.

I was OK to be friends with when she was struggling financially, but now that she married into a significant amount of money, she doesn’t have the time or energy to maintain what was supposed to be a friendship.

I’ve learned a lot through this – judge people by their actions, not their empty words.

Hard lesson to learn; very, very hard.

America, 2016

We here in the USA are not very good at really looking at the facts and truth.

The fact is we’re a nation built on a very ugly foundation of plutocracy, misogyny, and racism.

The truth is we’re a nation that has never valued deep, intellectual thought and education.

We’re a nation that has never truly supported the idea that we’re all in this together so we have to make sure we ALL do well.

These facts and truths are being played out right before our eyes; the otherwise intelligent but willfully ignorant masses refuse to even engage by voting, much less understanding how we got here.

So yes, our CIA will point to Russia; because the hardest thing for us to do as a society is look in the metaphorical mirror that is being held up for us to see ourselves as we truly are.

Where we go from here is up to us.

What does a successful US Presidency look like?

Let’s look to the future here. What does a “successful” Presidency look like to you? I’ll go first:

  • All members of society treated with dignity by everyone. In other words, hate crimes minimized and those who commit them marginalized because we are an all-inclusive nation.
  • Our young adults have the same opportunity to get an education without mountains of debt that the older generation had.
  • People don’t die, or end up bankrupt, because they have no health insurance.
  • Corporations do not influence our government.
  • Corrupt politicians kicked out of office because our tolerance for corruption is ZERO.

Your turn.