All relationships require nurturing to sustain, and grow.

When someone decides they no longer want to engage, it’s time to let go.

Does that mean it is easy? No.

It is always devastating to lose the companionship and support of someone you’ve cared for deeply.

But it is what it is. You can’t force someone to sustain friendship.

This will take some time to absorb.

Our Political Revolution!!! Join us and elect Bernie Sanders!

Hey everybody!You all know I am a huge Bernie supporter, but even if you are not feeling the Bern, you may enjoy what I put together.Thanks!Bernie 2016!

Posted by Chris Lockett on Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 – Another New Year

My Vedic Astrology chart indicated I would be challenged until 2019. Let’s sum up some of the recent challenges, just for fun.

2013 – Oct 2nd, laid off job (first time in my long work life!)

2014 – February 7th, Vincent John Salvati, my one and only nephew died of an accidental overdose in February.

2014 – February 14th, started a new job – such a blessing to be able to pay the mortgage on time now.

2014 – May 22nd, Regina Connolly Salvati, my sister and last remaining family-of-origin member died of liver failure after a life-long battle with alcoholism and addiction.

2014 – May 23rd, my 60th birthday. And for the first time ever, I felt very, very old.

2015 – Summer, we lost two pugs. Our healthiest pug Frodo had a massive stroke and had to be euthanized. A month later, my oldest pug Xena had to be euthanized.

2015 – September, realized that my life-long best friend wasn’t much interested in really staying connected. Also realized that someone I thought was a deep and abiding friend didn’t really need my friendship once she married into money.

2015 – October, wrapped up a very long and expensive probate for my sister’s estates (I represented myself to save money).

2015 – November, rear-ended (minor damage) by someone on the way to work. Wanting to trust the world, I believed him when he said he’d pay for the repair so I didn’t call the police at the time of the accident and just exchanged information. He’s no longer returning my phone calls or text messages now that my car is fixed and I need him to pay the $625.

2015 – December, a fascist blowhard (aka D T) is leading the Republicans for the nomination for President; and a lying, corporate tool and war-monger (aka HRC) is leading the Democrats. I’ve donated to Bernie Sanders campaign and am doing everything I can to help him win the Democratic nomination. But I need a plan B. I wonder if Canada will take a political refugee from the USA?

2015 – December, painful realization that no matter how hard I try, I cannot make a family out of individuals who have no desire to live near me, or be part of a family. There are so many other aspects to this painful realization, but I’ll leave it at that.

2016 – January 1st, I realize for the first time that I’ve spent my life waiting for ‘someday’ to occur. Now I’m close to 61 years old and finally understand that ‘someday’ is never going to come.

In June I’m taking my sons to visit Vincent and Regina’s graves at Most Holy Redeemer Cemetary near Albany, New York.

We will then see my cousin Suzanne in Connecticut before heading off for almost four weeks exploring Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy and Greece.

I’m praying the Universe gives me a reprieve in 2016.

2016 Reprieve

When politics become purveyor of fear and hatred

Tom Brokaw blasts Donald Trump

This is one of the most powerful segments we've ever seen. Tom Brokaw compares Donald Trump's call to bar Muslims from America to Japanese internment, Nazi Germany, McCarthyism, and Jim Crow – and he didn't stop there. This amazing video is well worth taking a moment to watch, via NBC News

Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving, 2015

Happiest Thanksgivings

On this Thanksgiving, I’m most grateful for:

* My health. I feel great and am not in need of any surgery (that I’m aware of).

* My sons. Both have grown into extraordinary young men and, while I wish they both lived closer to me, I’m very proud of each for the choices they make every day.

* My job. Layoffs are taking place and I’ve never felt so anxious, but I won’t let fear rule me.

* My awareness. I see the world clearly and for that, I’m deeply grateful.

* My depth of Spirit and abiding Love for all. It carries me more often than not lately.

* Bernie Sanders. He’s a proven progressive who can move this declining nation forward.

* My family of origin. My Dad-John Joseph Connolly, taught me commitment and responsibility. My mom gave me a capacity for Love that runs deep. My sister-Regina-taught me how wounded a Soul can be. My brother-Kevin-taught me persistence.

* My only nephew Vincent. He helped me learn how hard it is to grow up in a very dysfunctional family.

* My Jr. High school algebra teacher – Dave Sell – he taught me to love myself.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. While I’m all alone this year, I am deeply grateful for everything I have.

Corruption in the judiciary?

Must read. Seems the corruption extends all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Where have all the cases gone?
By Scott E. Stafne

I was telling opposing counsel that as the lawyer for a servicer successor to Countrywide she needed to make sure no acceleration notice had been issued with regard to the defaulted upon loan before my client’s mortgage was transferred to BOA on or about January 1, 2009. She asked why she needed to do that. I responded that under a recent case out of the federal district court Washington attorneys had an obligation under Rule 11 to verify the absence of limitations defenses.

She said, she didn’t believe me.

So I told her to hold on and brought up my WestLaw legal database. I was flabbergasted. Judge Peterson’s opinion sanctioning me for not anticipating a limitations defense in a
complaint was not there. I immediately suspected the empire’s corrupt legal publishing system.

I have previously written about my concern that the 1% who own everything (including the legal publishing industry) and/or the judicial department itself unfairly and corruptly influence the collection and reporting of legal decisions. On April 2, 2015 I
complained about this in a blog entitled “Do private publishers of legal decisions attempt to influence precedent”. I pointed out that U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Jones of the Western District of Washington had authored a significant decision discrediting one of MERS legal theories. I told a representative of the private publisher, WestLaw, that I believed this decision should be available to homeowners and their attorneys. I even pointedly asked whether WestLaw was biased in favor of MERS with regard to those decisions which it included in its database.

I was told to put my concerns in writing. So I wrote to WestLaw, which is owned by Reuters (which is likely owned by one of the six big media companies who own 90% of the media) and asked why this decision not been published. “Oversight”, the legal
publisher belatedly responded several days later.

I didn’t believe that then and believe it less so now. But here is a copy of the letter WestLaw sent me indicating the MERS decision would be included in its database.

It is problematic when judges and/or legal publishers, either by themselves or together, seek to alter those decisions which favor one side of a societal issue, like foreclosures.
But such practices appear commonplace.

Indeed, there are frequent reports that United States Supreme Court justices sometime change their decisions after they have been published. Here is one such report. This is the equivalent of Congress changing a law after it has been signed by the President.
Query, whether secret manipulation of judicial decisions after the fact is consistent with
the notion of judicial power expressed in the Federalist Papers #78? I think not.

In criticising the integrity of the federal courts I rely mostly on my own experiences, rather than on articles by others. Let me give you an example.

Early in my career William Schwarzer, who at one point was the Chief federal district court judge for the Ninth Circuit, committed an obvious violation of the Fishery Conservation and Management Act by issuing an injunction stopping my clients from
fishing before the conclusion of judicial review. I brought an emergency appeal to the Ninth Circuit, which couldn’t care less. When it was clear that Court was not going to timely consider whether Schwarzer’s closure in violation of an express statutory
prohibition for doing so was legal, I brought a mandamus action against the Ninth Circuit. Much to my surprise (and probably every one else) then Chief Justice William Rehnquist took the action under advisement and ordered the Ninth Circuit to grant the relief I requested.

When I later tried to obtain these court decisions, i.e. Rehnquist’s order and the Ninth Circuit’s order in favor of my clients, I was told no court (Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit, nor the Federal District Court) could not find them and/or perhaps they did not exist.

Hmmm, I thought. How easily history vanishes. So I started searching google’s newspaper database. Although that database is limited, here is what it shows:

On July 30, 1979 Judge Schwarzer illegally closed the salmon troll fishery off Washington.

August 7, 1979 salmon troll organizations appealed Judge Schwarzer’s decision to the Ninth Circuit.

August 20, 1979 Justice Rehnquist becomes involved in the dispute.

August 28, 1979 and August 29, 1979 – Reports that salmon season may be extended.

So history didn’t vanish. Just those judicial decisions did.

I wrote about Justice Rehnquist’s missing order and the missing decision of the Court of Appeals responding to it in my blog. See Article 1 and Article 2.

But the judicial branch of government apparently didn’t care that no one could locate these records.

But we, the people, should care.

Our founders intended the legitimacy of the judicial branch to be evaluated based on its judgments. Do the courts of the empire really believe the people are so stupid that we won’t catch on when they refuse disclose their judgments or alter their judgments after the fact? Do the courts of the empire now believe that they their decisions are enforceable by the brute force of the government even if the vast majority of the people dispute the legitimacy of their authority?

There was a time, before the courts destroyed our judicial branch of government, when the law was a noble profession. However, that has definitely changed.