Vincent John Salvati – my nephew

Vincent fell into a coma and was declared brain dead on Friday, Feb 7, 2014. He would have been 25 this year.

Unbeknownst to us, he also signed up to be an organ donor.

They are preparing his organs for donation now, and between 6-10 families will know miracles very soon, because of Vincent.

My sister and Vincent’s father are struggling through this most unthinkable and excruciating loss.

I am struggling too.

Vincent was born in 1989. He is my only nephew.

He was a very loved and protected child.

In 2008 he came up to Seattle to visit with us for a few weeks. We rented a cabin in the San Juan Islands, and went whale watching.

These are pics from that visit and other photos of him.











Love, Always. Always, Love

It is impossible to watch what goes on in this world without crumbling into despair. I find myself reading the stories about the economy bouncing back and wonder why no one I know feels/lives like that.

I read an article today on Bill Moyer’s website that literally left me speechless, and emotionally drained. How is it that human beings have not moved beyond such inhumane treatment of each other?

And then I close my laptop and my eyes and sit. It is only then I can remember what matters.


Always Love



I like to imagine a country where the entire economy wasn’t dependent on wanton materialism.

Where your value to society is based on your work to lift up those in need within that society.

Where teachers, nurses, plumbers, care givers and other tradespeople who actually do something for someone else is considered precious and valuable to the growth of our society.

Where doctors are paid more when they keep us all healthy so their focus is in nudging us all toward healthy living.

Where patents on life-saving medication or treatment are non-existent – all benefit immediately without regard to insurance or ability to pay.

Where artists within every medium are considered national treasures.

Where schools have the resources to focus solely on the needs of the individual student and thus create a holistic learning environment that actually encourages students to find their unique gifts.

Only when we can move out of our current paradigm of wanton materialism and greed can we truly evolve as a species.

Thanksgiving 2013

Blessings and warm thoughts to all! My list for this Thanksgiving:

I’m thankful Ryan has been seizure free for over 20 months now. He’s had his two shoulder surgeries and is making wonderful progress with the help of DVR.

Matt is working hard at his chosen profession, he has a wonderful, loving girlfriend and is doing well. He’s also coming home for Christmas – I can’t even talk about that without crying – I miss him so much!

I’ve had my ankle surgery and both eyes fixed. My health is on the mend and I’m doing incredibly well, all things considered.

My beloved and faithful friend Claudia has been so supportive every step of the way through my most recent challenges, even though she’s being severely challenged herself.

I’m deeply grateful for all of these blessings, and so much more.

Happy Thanksgiving! Namaste!


Greed and You

Greed is only one of many inherent human characteristics. To the extent we are aware of it, it can be managed. Where there is corporate greed (lots of humans acting together) combined with government ignorance (at best) and corruption (at worse) we end up with our current society. Read this article for a perfect illustration of how we came to this as a nation. Then ask yourself, why has no Wall Street CEO been led off in hand cuffs and locked away for good?…/wall-street-hard-time-ethical

We have the government and society we deserve at this moment.

Until we wake up and realize that only WE can change things, nothing will change.

All who simply allow their 401K money to go to a mutual fund without looking at what is actually being invested in via that mutual fund are complicit.

All who shop at Walmart and other companies that don’t pay a living wage are complicit.

All who bank with CHASE, Wells Fargo, Citi, Bank of America, et al are complicit.

All who ignore the reality that WE have created this mess and refuse to admit complicity are central to our problems as a society.

We allowed this to happen by our wanton materialism and WIFM (‘what’s in it for me?) attitude.

A nation is judged by where it puts its resources. When a nation values its military might more than a teacher, you know something is very wrong. When a nation allows 45,000 a year to die because they can’t get medical care without insurance, you know something is very wrong.

When one of us suffers, we all suffer. Until we can evolve as a species and embrace this concept in critical mass, we’ll continue to struggle in this hell we’ve created.

50 Years Ago Today – We Lost Our Moral Compass

I was nine years old and yet, I remember it like it happened yesterday.

My devastated Irish Catholic father’s loss was palpable, even to this young nine-year old child.

This is why I’ve always loved John F. Kennedy, and why I’ve always been a ‘liberal’.

…..if by a liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, their civil liberties.. if that is what they mean by a “liberal” then I am proud to be a liberal. “: John F. Kennedy

From his 1960 acceptance speech.