Found out last Thursday (2/18/04) that the company I work for is selling the two programs I manage – that means I have to find a new job.

Options at this point appear to be:

1. Get another job in the same company. Is this possible? Perhaps. Will it be as fulfilling as what I've been doing – probably not. Helping those less fortunate with health insurance has been the only thing that has made my job worthwhile.

2. Get another job at the company that's buying the programs. Is this possible? Don't know. I do know the people managing the other company and they are very competent. Not sure why they would need me at all given who they already have.

3. Get another job at a different company. Is this possible? Perhaps. For the first time in my whole career a “head hunter” or “Executive Search” company called me about a VP job at a company that only does health for the poor. Could be something worth pursuing. However, without a college degree it could be pretty tough. I did get what college credits I do have together as I want to go to UW evening degree program.

What to do, what to do.

And it isn't a coincidence that Ash Wednesday is next week and here comes Lent. I hate Lent. Nothing but trouble – that's what Lent is. It is also a time to examine what's working in my life, and what's not working. What's not working is my job, and my finances. Now the finances not working isn't a new thing – but it's worse than ever now that Mark isn't paying any more child support. Wow…… I'm turning 50 this year. I better start getting it together pretty soon, huh?

I always take the last fortune cookie when we go out for chinese food. Tonight it said: “You will be made stronger by adversity”

wow…… here comes Lent.